Monday, 19 February 2018
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Optimize Your Organizational Structure with a Strategic Mix of Fixed Cost (permanent) and Variable Cost (consulting) personnel

1. Improve Your IT Department’s Productivity and Profitability
Flexibility is essential for maintaining a competitive edge in today’s business world — and nowhere is this more true than within an IT department. IT Select Middle East can help your organization meet its business objectives, reduce costs and maintain flexibility without having to compromise quality.

- Reduction in costs associated with hiring, training, and administering permanent personnel.
- Optimal personnel level and elimination of constant layoffs and rehiring to accommodate special circumstances and increases in business activity. This maximizes cost savings and increases efficiency, morale and job security for permanent staff.

2. Maximize Your ROI by Controlling Your Fixed vs. Variable Costs
With strategic staffing, you can minimize costs and create a specialized reserve of contract professionals to meet variable workloads. By eliminating the need for costly fluctuations in core full-time staff, this reserve protects the jobs of internal employees and helps you avoid expenses associated with recruiting and new-hire training. In addition, strategic staffing affords you access to highly trained professionals who possess specific skill sets for projects of all sizes.
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