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The following list is a synopsis of the steps IT.Select takes our customers through when evaluating IT solutions for their specific projects.
Of the seven steps, the first three are the most crucial to ensure that the most appropriate IT Solution is selected.

  • Develop Business Understanding and Requirements. This phase identifies any constraints imposed by the business and will specify the needs of the business. The feature, cost and speed (time to deliver) triad is prioritized.
  • Develop Application Profile. This phase attempts to define the technical feasibility of a IT solution. The deliverable is a high level technical architecture without any specific vendor.
  • Develop RFP and Invite Vendors to submit proposals. We request multiple IT Solutions vendors to respond to a RFP on behalf of the client. The RFP is based upon phases 1 and 2 above. A complete and well produced RFP will help the vendors better describe their product capabilities. The RFP should contain Success Criteria that will allow vendors to gauge your priorities.
  • Map Vendor Proposals and Select 2 Vendors. A matrix is produced to determine which 2 proposals match your requirements and application profile. It is custom that no more than 2 vendors are selected.
  • Define Prototype Requirements and Success Criteria. A requirements document is produced and provided to the 2 selected vendors. This prototype should represent a cross section of your full requirements, and the development effort should last no longer than 3 to 4 weeks.
  • Evaluate and investigate the vendor during the prototype. A prototype will provide you with the experience required to make a long term decision. Begin cost negotiations. Note: This is where our experience can help your company achieve the best value for your money.
  • Evaluate Prototype Results and Select Vendor.The selection must be based upon your published Success Criteria. IT.Select can help you through each phase of this evaluation process, and with implementing the entire project life cycle.
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