Monday, 19 February 2018
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We build highly interactive e-learning portals and blended learning solutions. These solutions range from simply converting an existing classroom workshop into an e-training module, to building complex modular e-learning systems that integrate not only into your corporate intranets but can compliment other products, such as our online feedback systems and process support tools. All Portal solutions are built around our partners technology framework, which ensures modularity and scalability.
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Every business has key processes but are you sure that you are following these processes consistently and correctly? Are you even sure you are aware of what processes your organization has and what the consequences are for not following them? How about your colleagues?

Online Process Support Tools capture these key processes and ensure everyone is both aware of them and follows them consistently. Critical support is delivered right to your desktop, when you need it and in a format that is easily accessible. Through an intuitive flow-chart interface, you are led through processes ensuring consistent best-practice performance. These systems can replace paper-based Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) or even introduce completely new business processes.
Customer Extranet PDF Print E-mail
Customers are becoming more demanding, expecting business solutions not simply sales propositions from their sales contacts. At the same time the sales function is being stretched. This requirement for more strategic selling with less available resource, results in many of the routine sale support tasks being fulfilled by internal telephone based teams or an increasingly dedicated customer extranet. Moving much of this support online makes sense, not only does it provide a service 24 hours a day, but as a result of most of the functionality being automated, significant savings on resource and time can be achieved. Allowing your customers to help themselves, allows you time to pro-actively develop the high potential accounts, thereby optimizing your sales resource.
Dealer Extranets PDF Print E-mail
Selling through dealers and channel partners is never easy. As service expectation increases, often margin decreases leaving the difference between a healthy profitable relationship and one that has become unviable often boiling down to how much time it takes to support each account. In this situation moving your primary communication and ordering channel online makes sense. Instant access with an automated response, rich support material and easy to use product ordering, delivered in a safe and secure environment, means partners not only feel they are being fully supported better online but the support costs are reduced.
Team and Project Intranets PDF Print E-mail
Good project management relies on excellent communication, good resource management, close teamwork and having the right information at hand when required. The more distributed the project team is the harder the project is to manage. This is why project intranets are increasing in popularity. They help the team communicate more effectively, exchange information, monitor progress and as a consequence work better as a team. The success of the intranet is also due to the fact that they are built around a common framework and can therefore be launched in a very short time, then be removed when the project is finished, resulting in maximum flexibility.
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