Monday, 19 February 2018
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BPS & Enterprise Integration PDF Print E-mail
Module of Integration to support Workflows (BPA, BPS)


Enterprise Content Integration PDF Print E-mail
  • Enhances competitiveness and profitability by reducing time to market and connecting systems and packaged applications easily

  • Reduces training costs with popular, easy-to-use development tools

  • Leverages existing systems investments by reusing processes and applications

  • Optimizes dealings with partners and customers with single consolidated data views.

  • Sends and receives data as messages allowing information exchange across different platforms— increases productivity and efficiency

  • Employs widely recognized proven messaging platform that connects applications running on different platforms in different languages.

Application Integration and Middleware PDF Print E-mail
The Need:

  • Prevent or reduce lost or missed business opportunities because of inability to share information between departments or locations.

  • Share information between organizations, while maintaining local autonomy.

  • Eliminate the need to 're-key' similar data into more than 1 application reducing delays resulting from double, even triple entry.

  • Link and integrate IT systems and applications across different hardware platforms or operating systems.

  • Link separate IT systems without forcing you to 'rip and replace' existing systems.

  • Implement new applications such as CRM, SCM, ERP and e-business and integrate with existing applications and systems.

  • Remove obstacles to acquisitions or mergers with other companies due to incompatible IT systems

  • Deliver key information (for example customer information) to a new Web site or service.

  • Keeps critical business information “in sync” ensuring that systems have the same inventory or financial information.

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